musica reanimata

Society for the Promotion and Re-discovery of Composers Persecuted by the Nazi Regime
and Their Works (registered society)

Board of trustees:
Daniel Barenboim, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Benz, Dr. Volker Hassemer,
Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert, Udo Lindenberg, Prof. Udo Zimmermann (†)

Honorary members: Berthold Goldschmidt (†), Winfried Radeke, Dr. Gottfried Eberle

Chairman: Dr. Albrecht Dümling
Secretary: Peter Sarkar

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The society was founded in 1990 with the purpose of integrating the works of composers persecuted by the Nazi regime into present-day musical culture. To this end, it organizes lecture recitals, in co-operation with the Konzerthaus Berlin and with the radio station Deutschlandfunk. It also organizes musicological conferences, and publishes current research in a journal and in a series of books.

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Our next lecture recital

Thursday, 11. April 2024, Konzerthaus Berlin, Musikclub, 20 h
"Les portes de la nuit" - the composer Joseph Kosma (1905-1969) [Preview »]

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musica reanimata on broadcast

Still available online: Deutschlandfunk "Musikszene", Tuesday, 2. January 2024
Excerpts from lecture recital No. 159 (26. October 2023): "Jerzy Fitelberg in Warschau, Berlin und New York". Moderation: Georg Beck.

Two of our recent concerts are still available on youtube:
10. April 2021 featuring Willi Rosen []
10. May 2021Irma and Stefan Wolpe []

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New publication

Vol. 23 of "Verdrängte Musik" ("Displaced Music"):
Torso eines Lebens. Der Komponist und Pianist Gideon Klein (1919-1945)
Buchcover: Torso eines Lebens
This book consists of the contributions to our symposion on 13./14. December 2019, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Gideon Klein's birth.
Articles by Albrecht Dümling, David Fligg, Paul Schendzielorz, David Vondrácek, Gottfried Eberle, Lubomír Spurnı, Wolfgang Rüdiger, Wolfgang Rathert, Winfried Radeke, Jascha Nemtsov, Michael Beckerman, Beatrix Borchard and Tilman Kannegießer-Strohmeier. Most are in German except the following two:
David Fligg: "These were good times: 'The Poplar Tree' on the edge of war." / Michael Beckerman: "Gideon Klein at 100, His Cello Scream at 75" (analysing the string trio)

Edited by Albrecht Dümling, 260 p., ISBN 978-3-95675-031-1, 19,80 Euros.
von Bockel Verlag
Wernershagener Weg 50, 24537 Neumünster
Tel. + Fax: 04321 - 3341664

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musica reanimata CDs

CD cover showing Richard Mohaupt Just out: A record of our lecture recital No. 80: Celebrated at first, later expelled: the composer Richard Mohaupt (1904-1957) (slightly abridged).
In the 1930s Mohaupt was one of the most successful composers for the stage in Germany. The premiere of his opera Die Wirtin von Pinsk in Dresden (under Karl Böhm) received great acclaim - albeit it took place only by special permission from the Reichsmusikkammer. Mohaupt was under pressure because his wife was Jewish and Russian. He escaped to New York in 1939. After the war he reactivated his connections to theatres in Germany and finally settled in Austria in 1955. He died two years later, before his last opera Der grüne Kakadu was premiered.

On the disc: Passacaglia of the Refugees, the radio-melodrama Der Pilot im Paradies and excepts from the operas Die Wirtin von Pinsk and Double-Trouble.
Manfred Schmidt and Cristian Peix, pianos (arrangements of the orchestral scores for 2 pianos: Winfried Radeke); Andreas Jocksch, baritone and speaker; Vokalensemble "Quintessenz!"; Winfried Radeke talks with Prof. Dr. Friedrich Geiger - the dialogues from the lecture recital are in German.

To buy the CD, please contact our secretary:
Peter Sarkar, Steubenstr. 35, D-99423 Weimar
Price: 14 Euros, shipping fee 5 Euros (2 Euros within Germany, if buying 3 or more shipping is free).

Stll available are recordings of these three lecture recitals:
CD Cover mit Joseph Horovitz CD Cover mit Ilse Weber

No. 101 featuring the british composer of Austrian Jewish parentage Joseph Horovitz. On the CD, there are his Sonatina for clarinet and piano (1981), the 2nd movement of the Violin Concerto (1951) and the String Quartet No. 5 (1969), performed by Matthias Höfele (clarinet), Tatjana Blome (piano) and Ensemble Zeitlos: Claudia Sack, Philip Douvier, Friedemann Wollheim & Gabriella Strümpel. Also, you can listen to the composer talking with Dr. Albrecht Dümling (in German). Booklet in German and English (24 pages).
Price: 10 Euros (plus shipping)

Set of two discs, containing the concerts no. 72: An ostracised is made president: The composer and educator Siegfried Borris (1906-1987). Performers: Katharina Göres, soprano; Olga Kotchenkova, cello; Hanno Pilz, clarinet; Gottfried Eberle, piano; Albrecht Dümling talks with Juliane Lepsius and Gisela Bauer.
and no. 82: In Terezin with a guitar: Ilse Weber (1903-1944), poet and singer
Performers: Maria Thomaschke and Andreas Jocksch, singers and speakers; Kathrin Redlich, guitar; Timofey Sattarov, bajan; Volker Suhre, double bass; Winfried Radeke, arrangements, harpsichord and moderator.
Guest: Rahel Rosa Neubauer.
Price: 15 Euros (plus shipping)
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