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14.-16. June 2024: Music as resistance against the "Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia"
Three Czech composers who suffered Nazi persecution

In March 1939 German troops took over what was left of the Czech Republic after the Munich Agreement and Hitler named the region "Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia". Allegedly, this meant that the Third Reich would protect the country. In fact it deprived its inhabitants of many rights. Most severely it affected the Jews. Jewish musicians were banned from their profession and some time later they were forbidden even to own a musical instrument. The assasination of Reinhard Heydrich was the most sensational act of resistance. In a more secret way, there was also resistance amongst musicians. This will be demonstrated in our four concerts, featuring three different composers:
Rudolf Karel (1880-1945) was part of the political resistance movement. In 1943 he was arrested and he died as a prisoner in the Gestapo prison in Terezín small fortress.
Petr Eben (1929-2007) was deported to Buchenwald concentration camp because of his part-Jewish ancestry. After the war, he returned to Czechoslovakia and became one of the country's leading composers.
Miloslav Kabeláč (1908-1979) had already been a successful composer when he was banned from his profession because his wife was Jewish. Between 1939 and 1942 he composed six pieces for male chorus on poems by Jiří Wolker which had strong political implications.

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche, Friday, 14. June, 18 h: Concert for organ and choir
Music by Petr Eben, Miloslav Kabeláč and Leoš Janáček
World premiere of Kabeláč's Six Choruses after Jiří Wolker, Op. 10.
Sebastian Heindl, organ
Male chamber choir ffortissibros.

Three lecture recitals: Wilhelm-von-Humboldt-Saal, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
(Unter den Linden 8)

Rudolf Karel Petr Eben Miloslav Kabelác Saturday, 15. June, 15 h: Rudolf Karel (1880-1945)
Piano music and songs
Jan Dušek, piano; Ondrej Holub, tenor
Albrecht Dümling talks with Magdalena Živná

Saturday, 15. June, 18.30 h: Petr Eben (1929-2007)
String quartet Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart
music for violin and piano and for cello and piano
Martinů Quartet
Robert Kolinsky, piano; Markéta Janoušková, violin; Simone Drescher, cello
Bettina Brand talks with David Eben

Sunday, 16. June, 11 h: Miloslav Kabeláč (1908-1979)
Chamber music
Markéta Janoušková, violin; Simone Drescher, cello; Robert Kolinsky, piano
Stefan Lang talks with Elisabeth Hahn

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Concert in Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche: admission free
3 lecture recitals:
35 Euros, reduced fare 20 Euros
1 lecture recital 15 Euros, reduced fare 10 Euros

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