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Ernst Bachrich (148) Berlin 22. October 2021, Grunewald Church Berlin, 20h (Bismarckallee 28b, 14193 Berlin-Wilmersdorf)
Ernst Bachrich (1892-1942) - a strong voice in the 2. Viennese School

The 2. Viennese School was a cornerstone within the multitude of musical tendencies of the 1920's. The Schoenbergians did share some fundamental beliefs but they were individualists nevertheless. Ernst Bachrich, who studied with Schoenberg 1916-19, was one of them. In the following years Bachrich played a vital role in Schoenberg's "Society for Private Musical Performances" (as pianist and secretary). As a composer of songs, chamber and piano music he found his own voice. He conducted at the Vienna Volksoper and later (1928-32) in the Rhineland. In 1933 he returned to Vienna and contributed to the city's musical life as pianist, conductor and co-organiser of the concert series "Musik der Gegenwart". In 1938 he was blacklisted. He was deported to Izbica Ghetto (Poland) in May 1942 and killed in Majdanek shortly afterwards.

Piano sonata op. 1
Portraits - Three pieces for piano op. 6
Songs op. 3, 10 and melodrama op. 15 with lyrics by Christian Morgenstern, Theodor Däubler, Greta Bauer and Emil Arnold Holm.

Performers: Anna Christin Sayn (soprano) and Alexander Breitenbach (piano)
Frank Harders-Wuthenow and Alexander Breitenbach talk with Peter Sarkar

Tickets from 7 p.m. at the venue only, price 10 Euros.
Government guidance to COVID safety regulations may be altered, please check up on the regulations before your visit.

This concert will be supported by the Harald Genzmer Foundation
Harald Genzmer Signatur

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