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Victor Urbancic 1945 (151) Thursday, 10. March 2022, Konzerthaus Berlin, Kleiner Saal, 20 h
The Austrian Victor Urbancic's (1903-1958) key role to Iceland's music scene

When Austria was annexed by Nazi Germany in 1938, Victor Urbancic tried in vain to emigrate to Switzerland or the US. In his desperation he took a post in Iceland. In the end he stayed there for the rest of his life. In these 20 years he played an important role in different fields of music in Iceland, e.g. by conducting the first opera performances at the newly founded National Theatre of Iceland. Through his teaching he formed a full generation of Icelandic composers.

From Trio A major (1921): movements no. 1 and 5

Selection of songs

Trio Magos
    Maxi Hennemann, clarinet
    Sebastian Hennemann, cello
    Goun Kim, piano
Voice: N.N.
Melina Paetzold talks with Sibyl Kneihs, the composer's daughter

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This concert will be supported by Bareva Foundation

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