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Hans Krieg
(136) Thursday, 13. September 2018 Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt Berlin, Musikclub, 20h

Committed to Jewish music. The composer Hans Krieg in Holland

Hans Krieg was born 1899 in Haynau (Silesia, now Poland). He studied in Leipzig and Berlin. In 1928 he moved to Breslau to conduct the choir at the synagogue and different workers' choirs. In 1933 he fled to Amsterdam, but he was arrested in 1943, together with his wife and the two daughters Susanne and Mirjam. They were deported to Westerbork and later to Bergen-Belsen. They were among the few survivors of the "Lost Transport" to Terezín which was liberated by the Red Army after a 13-day-odyssey through Germany. The Kriegs returned to the Netherlands. Hans Krieg made a career as composer, singer, choirmaster and musicologist. He died in Amsterdam 26. November 1961. Mirjam Krieg became a prominent singer. She will talk about her father and their shared experiences.

Songs, piano and chamber music by Hans Krieg

Georg Streuber, baritone
Katja Kuhlesza, violin
Johanne von Harsdorf-Fürstenau, piano

Mirjam Krieg talks with Peter Sarkar

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