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Vally and Karl Weigl
(136) Thursday, 4. October 2018 Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt Berlin, Musikclub, 20h

A new start after the "Anschluss"? Vally and Karl Weigl

After the Annexation of Austria in 1938, according to the racist law Vally and Karl Weigl were labelled "jewish". They found refuge in New York. Until then, Karl Weigl's (1881-1949) music had received regular performances by famous conductors and ensembles. While in exile, he continued composing, but did not succeed in starting a new career in the US. Vally Weigl (1894-1982) composed with increasing intensity and created an extensive ouvre.

Vally Weigl: New England Suite for flute, cello and piano - Bird of Life for flute
Karl Weigl: Pictures from Childhood for flute and piano - Sonata in G for cello and piano
Rosy Wertheim: Trois Morceaux for flute and piano

Ulrike Anton, flute
Friedemann Ludwig, cello
Russel Ryan, piano

Ulrike Anton talks with Bettina Brand

This concert is supported by Karl Weigl Foundation (San Rafael, California) and Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin:
Karl Weigl Foundation Österreichisches Kulturforum

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