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Paul Abraham
(133) Thursday, 8. March 2018 Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt Berlin, Musikclub

"It was a beautiful fairy-tale - now it's over". Paul Abraham's (1882 - 1960) fate

Paul Abraham from Hungary spent just about three years in Berlin. In this short time he became the most popular composer of operettas, e.g. "Blume von Hawaii", "Ball im Savoy", "Märchen im Grand Hotel", "Viktoria". When he fled from Nazi Germany he finally arrived at New York. But he could never gain ground in the US, he fell ill and became mentally deranged, a "tragical king of Operetta" - this is the title of Klaus Waller's biography on Abraham.

Ensemble Zwockhaus: Maria Thomaschke and Andreas Jocksch, voices · Nikolai Orloff, piano · Karola Elßner, saxophone · Sven Kalis, percussion · Volker Suhre, double bass

Winfried Radeke talks with Klaus Waller

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(135) Thursday, 21. June 2018 Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt Berlin, Musikclub
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